Auto Glass Replacements

Auto Glass Replacements

We'll make replacing your windshield or other auto glass a breeze. With a warehouse full of common windshields and free mobile services, we can get your replacement auto glass installed quickly and painlessly.

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Do you have a windshield or other glass that needs to be replaced? Give us a call and we'll provide you with a fast, affordable replacement. With a shop located in Aiken and free mobile services throughout the CSRA, we'll have you back on the road quickly without breaking the bank.

New Windshield Installations

Installing A New Windshield

In addition to installing new windshields at our shop in Aiken, we provide mobile installations throughout the CSRA. Schedule today!

Side View Mirror Repairs

Rear View Mirror Repair

We repair damaged glass in side view mirrors.

Choosing An Auto Glass Replacement Shop

Most vehicle owners don't put much thought into selecting a shop for their auto glass replacement. After all, it seems simple enough, why not just shop around for the best price? True, price is a factor, but like many other products and services you buy, the price can also be a red flag for the quality you are about to encounter. When you buy from Glass Works you can rest assured knowing that the glass we're installing in your vehicle meets or exceeds the quality that was installed when it rolled off the assembly line.

Do You Provide Mobile Installations?

We sure do! When you set up your appointment, let us know that you're looking to schedule a mobile installation. We'll be sure to send our installers out with everything they need to replace your windshield or other glass on-hand. Please keep in mind that the urethane used to hold the glass to the car will need to cure, so the weather can prohibit us from on-site work on some days.

How Long Until I Can Drive My Vehicle?

At Glass Works our technicians use the best materials, including fast-cure urethane kits, which will help you get on the road fast. When installing a new windshield, we recommend waiting about an hour before driving the vehicle. This time can fluctuate a bit due to temperature and humidity, but about an hour is average. If you are getting a windshield repair or having one of the other windows in the car replaced, you can usually drive the vehicle as soon as the installation has been completed. If more time is required, our installer will be sure to let you know.

Affordable Car Window Replacements

Windshield Repair Tool

We can repair just about any glass in any vehicle including motor homes and RVs.

Dow Certified Technicians

Windshield Repairs

If the damage to your windshield is small enough, there's no reason to replace the windshield, just repair the damage! The windshield repair process is fast and carries a much lower cost than installing a new windshield. Restore the clarity to your windshield and get back on the road quickly with a windshield repair.

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Auto Glass Safety

Our technicians adhere to strict industry standards when repairing or replacing your auto glass to protect the safety of you and your passengers. We only use high-quality resins in our repairs to ensure the finest quality in both appearance and integrity of the glass.

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Interested to know how much it will cost to replace your broken windshield or other auto glass? Feel free to call us or request a free quote sent straight to your email. We have staff that would be happy to speak with you by phone or answer questions via email Monday - Friday from 8:00am - 5:00pm.

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