Windshield Repair

Repairable Chipped Windshield

If the damage to your windshield is small enough, a windshield repair can prevent it from spreading for far less of the cost of a replacement.

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Did you know that most damaged windshields don't need to be replaced? The majority of damage to windshields can be repaired to restore clarity to the driver and prevent the damage from spreading.

Types of Rock Chips

Types of Rock-Chips

As seen above, the four most common types of repairable rock-chips are referred to as the Bulls Eye, Star Pattern, Half Moon, and a Combination.

Windshield Repairs Explained

The windshield repair process is meant to reduce the visible damage caused when a stone or small rock impacts your windshield (also known as a rock-chip or stone-chip). While windshield repairs will not completely eliminate damage, they are able to reduce the visibility of the rock-chip, often leaving it nearly invisible to the naked eye. In addition to virtually erasing the chip, windshield repairs, when successful, will also prevent the damage from spreading.

How Does The Process Work?

The windshield repair process starts by cleaning the damaged area to remove any sediment that can settle into the small cracks around the damaged area. Once the area is rid of debris, a special resin is injected into the rock-chip that matches your windshield's strength, tint, and light refraction to aid in the concealment of the damage. Finally, the resin is cured by exposing it to UV light from either the sun, or another specialty tool.

Do You Provide Mobile Windshield Repairs?

ABSOLUTELY! Although we do provide services at our shop in Aiken, we realize that any type of work to your vehicle can put a wrinkle in your regular daily activities. To help minimize that, we're happy to come to you and repair your windshield on-site. That means we can meet you at your home, business, or any other place in the CSRA to repair your windshield on your time, not ours. Just remember that we'll need good weather to be able to complete the repair properly.

Windshield Repair Tool

Windshield Repair Tool

We use windshield repair tools like this one to inject the resin into the damaged area.

Repairing Long Cracks

Unfortunately, we do not repair long cracks in windshields. We value our customers' complete satisfaction; therefore, we will not agree to do a job that may cause more problems down the road for you. While a windshield repair may help prevent a longer crack from spreading, the fail rate is relatively high and so we avoid these jobs all together.

Auto Glass Safety

Our technicians adhere to strict industry standards when repairing or replacing your auto glass to ensure the safety of you and your passengers. We only use high-quality resins in our repairs to ensure the finest quality in both appearance and integrity of the glass.

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